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Warwick Lupton – Annihilator Race Boat


Boat Name: Annihilator Race Boats

Boat Number: GP .007

Pilot: Warwick Lupton

Club: Wanganui

Hull Specifications: Length- 26 foot, Width- 12.6 foot, Built 2009-2010

Boat Builders: Malcolm Jaimeson, Peter Jaimeson, Darin Howard

Design: KAR

Engine Builder: Grant Rivers

Engine Specifications: 510cu 1471LB20 Big Chief 2000+HP, 510cu 1471 1500-1800HP

Crew Chief: Jack Lupton

Crew: Bruce Picard, Daniel Mills, Grant Rivers, Barry Sorensen

Sponsors: Mills Tui – John Whilmhurst, All Rigs – David Parsons, Rural Fuels – Mark Sobers, Rivers Speed & Spares – Grant Rivers, Rock FM, Waipipi Sub-Division – Roger Dickie, Total Transport Ltd, R&L Freight Ltd, Waverley Harvesting

Achievements: 2001 – 1st EC Griffith Cup, 2001 – 1st Paynesville Gold Cup, 2001 – 1st AE Baker Cup, 2001 – NZ GP Champion, 2002 – 1st Wanganui Flying Lap Champ, 2004 – 2nd UIM World GP Hydroplane Champs, 2005 – 1st King of the Nationals, 2006 – 1st Masport Cup, 2006 – 1st UIM World GP Hydroplane Champion, 2008 – 1st EC Griffith Cup, 2010 – 2nd EC Griffith Cup, 2010 – 1st UIM World GP Hydroplane Champion